Subject to the Constitution and in conformity with the by-laws, the management of the affairs of the Institute will be vested in Council, whose members must be elected by Corporate Members of the Institute as provided for in the by-laws and who will hold office until their successors have been elected.

Council of the Institute will consist of:

•     The President, who must be a Fellow.
•     Two Vice-Presidents.
•     Immediate Past President.
•    13 (thirteen) Fellows and/or Members of whom;

(a)  1 (one) Fellow or Member must be elected by each active recognised branch of the Institute to represent such branch.

(b)      Not less than 9 (nine) must be actively engaged in mine surveying.

Those Past Presidents who, on the invitation of Council, have signified in writing by the date of the Council meeting immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting, their willingness to serve on Council for the ensuing year.

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